Peaceful, broad minded, and subtle. The describing words for a stone I found while walking around shopping for cat collars this morning. “Howlite” is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits. This stone when tumbled is sheet white with light grey veins climbing in varying patterns. With all the stress and activity that has been going on in my life, I believe this gem came to me. DSC_0802

I believe in the health benefits that derive from sharing space with stones. In order to feel their true nature just try to tune into how they improve your feeling state. What do your senses say or what images come to your mind? This stone is for calming the mind and body from states of stress or upset. By bringing a state of subtlety, this stone enhances tact and a deep state of calm.

DSC_0784Professional responsibility, synchronicity, and creativity have all vied for my attention this week. Usually I would write a long winded paragraph about this week and weeks prior. But it has been a long day. Ghost has fleas. Piggy has one cavity. Got my period. Basement flooded after yesterdays crazy storm. And then finally had some fun in Viroqua with Colin, Ryan, and Kendall. We dropped off a few of my paintings Viva Gallery for possible guest spot. Ate at Driftless cafe’, then checked out Garys rock shop before heading home.

If you havent noticed, I created my own ART CRAWL. I want to celebrate all the work I have created over the last ten years and thank all supportive friends,  businesses, and Colin for the hard work to make this happen. If you need more info there is an option in the menu bar.

I wish you well…And new creations soon to come.



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