When the dust settles

0109181609When the dust settles it’s easier to use a dustpan and sweep it up. Have you ever tried to sweep up a dusty sandstorm? No because it’s impossible, you almost have to wait for the unfolding of events. Watch drama unfold until it’s done similar to a tornado. That is the same for a lot of things in life I’ve realized. Like relationships that have gone stale or careers that turn boring that were once full of excitement. That’s how January 2018 feels, it’s as if 2017 was a whirlwind of past mistakes repeated over again to concrete in my memory. NOW I have to grab the dust pan and toss away regrets and good times. I tend to learn the same lesson over because I let go of the past easily and forget entirely not to do something . But this year I want to start a brand new way of learning trama and life’s lessons. I have created a brilliant idea for an art show that would display just that concept over decade. I want to start over and maybe that’s why I’m visiting Denver, Colorado and gazing out a Cafe window. I travel to look for answers that are inside of me.


sometimes your inner voice is distorted by daily activities that you would do every morning in your hometown. I wanted to explore what I was missing. I wanted to explore what life could be like somewhere else. Maybe it is finally time for a move so I can tap into the new energy of starting over. Moving changes you. It changed me within 6 months of stayed in Texas. My perspective of the world widened and so did my thoughts of the intention of the people around me. There are life occurrences that art can’t fix and making a bold move is one of them. But to help the move go swifter I came up with a great idea to hold an ART & La Crescent Animal shelter fundraiser. By selling all my art and a percentage goes to the shelter. This will raise awareness of the one non-kill shelter close to my home. This shelter is full of animals that could be there for days or years. I spent 2 years playing with the cats and it was therapeutic taking care of them. Once the details are fleshed out the info will be posted for public participation. Happy new year to everyone wanting to begin again.


-Ashton Hall


One thought on “When the dust settles

  1. Good luck sweetheart, I have great confidence in you, you keep swinging, and one day you going to hit it over the fence 😘


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