The Door has Opened

When one door closes, another door opens. It is a well known saying. It’s premise of letting go of a facet of life that is no longer serving you. I accomplished exactly THAT in October 2017. I left Logistic’s Health Incorporated in La Crosse to pursue my passion. Art, and any form of it. I wanted to break out of my fear of lack for good by leaving cubical life FOREVER. I started to notice I lost my free spirit while working in that cube. I felt like a caged bird, always looking out at the sky daydreaming I could fly instead of actually flying. I was contacted by the Muse Theatre to play in their Holiday show, The Winter Wonderette’s. After being hesitant for sometime, Meagan, the actress portraying the role of Missy asked me to reconsider saying no to playing Cindy Lou. I asked for a sign from the Universe to tell me to stay or go. I was unhappy at that time. I see everything in a spiritual light so I listen and watch for signs around me from the UniverseCody, my new co-worker that sat to my left had started to sing Jingle Bells. It was the middle of September and that song was a mash-up in The Winter Wonderette’s. CSC_0760That was the sign I needed.  I didn’t have much to lose besides money and trust me if there is a lesson I’ve already learned years ago it is that money isn’t everything. BUT that is a very long story for a different day. Money is just a tool, that is all. I wanted a spiritual challenge to grow into a more secure person. Being on stage is a huge Ego-risk I figured out from the last play I was in. One almost is forced to create confidence under bright lights or at least act it. Transcending the Ego-self and transforming into a different character did remove my self-imposed limitations and rebuild my faith in being able to change from within. I know I would not be getting ready for my very first Solo Art show in La Crosse if I did not take this step. Imagine If I didn’t close that door of fear last year, I wouldn’t have had the time or energy to make Art. I have been so open to exploring the fun of releasing insecurities and living in the curiosity of risk. It is more fun NOT KNOWING WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS WEEK.  DSC_1197People do what works for them but there is a sense of freedom in the way I’ve choosen to live. I care more about how I feel and take responsibility of my happiness. Maybe It would give others worry but it works for me. This door has flung open inside me and opportunities have been flooding into this space and filling it up! I am starting to teach art again at a new venue, “M Gallery” sign up and information is here. This week I’ve been working on my website, business cards, adding a monthly Newsletter sign-up, and framing for the solo show, Memories in Color. Memories in Color highlights the last two years of my work painted from memories in an impressionistic flair using dramatic colorful Oil Pastels, Acrylic, and tube Oil Paint. The Reception is February 16th 6-9pm located at 1311 Gallery at 1311 Market Street La Crosse, WI. Gallery hours run February 17th 1-8pm with an Artist talk at 7pm where I can answer questions and talk in depth about my pieces. I wanted to use this platform to thank every person reading this for stopping by here and supporting my work. I love sharing my memories and I hope to start video blogs in the future and film live Youtube Art creations…”hint hint.” I better get back to creating, the show is tomorrow and it is 6:23 am CST.

With self-love and hope there is a journey to a better you, just adventure off the beaten path to find it. -A


One thought on “The Door has Opened

  1. Cube life does inhibit the creative soul. It drains what is inside and manipulates the brain to believe it is the only way to survive. I salute you for breaking free to pursue the side of you that is you.


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