A Dream realized

DSC_0313So far 2018 has been a compilation of all the things I’ve always wanted to do this year. I made this list of the dreams I’ve wanted to achieve so I would slowly but surely checked off the whole list. Time goes by so fast and I am having a very nostalgic kind of day.

This morning I woke very clear headed. What I mean is I usually wake up to my inner voice saying, “coffee?” But this morning the voice said, “I am ready for the day without coffee!” I realized I have been putting off writing on this blog for some time now because I was busy or not in the mood…but today I have many things to say so let’s begin.

The list:

  1. Work as a freelance artist
  2. Put together an exhibit for SG 1311 Gallery in February: Check!
  3. Put together an exhibit for M Gallery this July: Check!
  4. Go to New Orleans & Mexico: Check!
  5. See Hufreesh in Arizonia and see James in Texas: Check!
  6. Get a mural job: Check!
  7. Get a job in La Crosse while doing my craft: Check!
  8. Learn how to express love freely, remove my blockage to emotional relating.
  9. Get accepted for another residency for 2019.
  10. Move to a new state.

Number 9-10 have yet to come. I was not expecting to get those things done on my list until the end of the year has come. Today number 8 hit me hard. Whenever someone moves away or out of my experience I always wonder if I had opened up more while this person was around if our relationship could have been deeper. I feel we are all here on earth to have emotional experiences with others so maybe they would have seen how much I cared for them and thus the relationship would have deepened because of it. Nostalgia always hits me at the 11th hour. Nostalgia always has something to say about your feelings.

Many good things besides those listed above have happened this year. Seems like everyone is moving forward on their goals, my sister and fiance bought a house, old friends have moved to colorado, many in my family had children, and there is me working on my career and relationships. Well a very awesome opportunity came about this month in that regard. I have been asked to be featured in the Coulee region woman’s magazine which was a complete surprise. I have yet to accomplish finding 15 models for an all female exhibit I would like to create. This series involves woman and their scars, whether they be emotional or physical. I would like to find 15-20 models before the summer is out, each painting will be 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide displaying the models actual size. After I get each womans story I plan on artistically painting their unique story inside the frame of the body. This requires models to stand for about 2 hours. If you are interested or know someone that could benefit from sharing their story then contact me below and tell me about yourself!

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