Reviewing the 5 Love Languages: Gifting

My gift to all of you reading this is a January 2020 original haiku. I wrote this during a spell of pure boredom whilst scrolling through blogs.

Slick icey road

The new decade prances

Like apparitions

By: Ashton Elizabeth Hall
Caught in the rain while in Chicago

What do gifts symbolize really? Are they a physical catapult for emotional happiness a Surprise makes? You know …that giddy feeling when you really are excited!? Where does that come from I wonder? Desires being met perhaps. Or what one thinks the gift must mean. Where does excitement from giving & receiving gifts REALLY come from? Is it the fact that perhaps we now believe we are loved when someone is kind enough to gift us and or giving some gift and seeing the expression on that person’s face?

I am sure gifts have been a form of expression between lovers, family, and friends since humans started to evolve and walk the earth. I mean hell, even my cat adorns my steps with lifeless birds. (Her name is Miss Piggy and she is the sweetest cat!) Back to Gifting. So gifting is almost non-verbal if not 100% come to think of it. That is interesting…think of that now. It has formed a way to confirm a thought without saying anything. Crossing all language barriers.

In the cafe’ painted by Fernando Lungren 1884 – Chicago Art institute

Recently I’ve gifted myself the luxury of time to travel. Time away from my home and job. I love being free, waking up in this huge world thinking; ” I can do whatever I want today, today is all mine and I choose my own path in each moment.” That is powerful. Real power is seeing yourself as valuable and unconstrained by social and internal conflicts.

What are you gifting yourself?

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