New Avenues paved

La Crosse Food and Art Magazine covered my Pop-up studio

Read about it here

Photography by © Dylan Overhouse Productions

A HUGE thank you for covering my Pop-up Studio to the team of La Crosse Local Arts & Food Magazine and online podcast!

Summer is here and there are many changes. My studio is closed and another is on the WAY! Check back at the Rubber Mills around August to see artists becoming the change they want to SEE.

To anyone I have inspired through this experience I would like to say the feeling is mutual. With all the changes in my life I decided to take some time out and reflect. I have chosen to take a cellphone-sabbatical. I am still working but I am reflecting upon what I want to create next. Looking for my muse as artists put it. I am also painting some current commissions and taking creative jobs. Please leave a note on my contact page for inquires and commissions.

I’ve been on a cellphone Sabbatical. What is a sabbatical?

The sabbatical definition is “a break from work” during which employees can pursue their interests, like traveling, writing, research, volunteering or other activities (or even rest).

This one will be for ten days starting today. Talk to you all soon!

-Ashton Hall Artist

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