Endings are really beginnings in disguise

“There are treasures in pain…an oyster who was not injured will never produce a pearl, because the pearl is a healed wound.”

Pregnant with Margo girl In Sarasota, FL

I will miss this home away from home. Just got done taking everything down with my new partner and getting other projects done. Since November 2019 AEH Studio gallery was a pop-up studio that lasted longer then the strange year of 2020. Hosting two shows prior to the pandemic in November and February was pure luck, also one during October that went well. It really was all my dreams manifested ay once. Community company, art sold, new faces, art appreciation and much celebration. It was also a respite artist space, a muse for me to sprawl out in and think whilst laying in the sun. I will miss these huge windows. This space and I hopefully brought people together to witness the power of art, and for some to make new friends and inspirations. Maybe one day in the future this can be again but for now a new journey awaits and she is calling like the ocean.

Some back story, I am Currently 6 months pregnant. Ive chosen the name Margo not knowing it means pearl. Margo is due in June and June’s birth stone is the pearl. Also I am obsessed with pearls… I used to paint them in oil paint 6+ years ago and still do in acrylic. Cream is also my favorite color. Which is a common color for pearls to be. I admire how pearls are so timeless and classy. Pearls form from irritants or debris getting inside an oyster. Creating beautiful pearls comes from a self protection mechanism for the oyster. I think this finding will Spur tons of water & pearl art for me to dive into psychologically or metaphysically ——so maybe I will paint how turning towards love & desire over sadness & shame created Margo Pearl. Even though hardships gave me and my partner many reasons to be bitter, un-trusting, and closed in relationships. By licking wounds in this ocean of life we’ve created a pearl.

I am still working on a new website, for any inquiries on art for sale or commissions please message me here under the contact tab! Thanks for reading. Light & love,


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