First Friday and more!

Greetings everyone! It has been a minute since I’ve shared my journey and new works of Art with all of you. Let me first say that Margo Teresa is a very happy healthy 3.5 month old. She smiles daily between cluster feeding & napping. Being a mother is really the biggest joy of my life. She soothes my soul and is my favorite creation and the rest is history. Onto the Art news:

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

-Jessica Lange

River City gallery is hosting Artist’s in house November 5th for First friday (which also happens to be my birthday) We all would love it if you would stop down and see local work or perhaps grab a mural map to check out local work around town. Also the holiday season is almost upon us. (it’s crazy but this year has flew by for me. ) I am prepping by hanging new paintings in various locations; including Larsons General pictured above and posting events happening in person and online. Please attend or share with friends & family, but most of all be safe and generous this holiday season.

My River City Gallery Artist Page

If you happen to find yourself walking down the mural alleyway at 5th & Main street I’ve added a few new murals. 4 new spaces to shoot in front of are brought to you by The wedding Tree! So if you are a photographer or anticipate buying attire for a special day check them out. It was really nice being a part of the mural alleyway again. It brought back many memories that are near and dear.

Published by Ashton Hall Artist

I am an Oil impressionist who creates vibrant works of Art for a living. Everyday I am motivated, trying new things in my work. Keeping my energy levels high whilst a whirl wind of positive momentum has taken over my career. Taking one day at a time I practice mindfulness and peace in my spiritual life, in turn this way of being inspires my artistic creation process. Bio ABOUT THE ARTIST: Ashton Elizabeth Hall is a Wisconsin-based independent curator and artist at her work space AEH Studio Gallery. She began her curatorial career at the Historic Horlock house in Navasota, Texas as an artist in residence 2016 fall cycle. Since 2005, Ashton has been exhibiting in group and solo shows around the Midwest as well as coordinating themed exhibits at AEH studio Gallery. Previous achievements include hosting & curating free art exhibitions at AEH, Gallery 24, Rochester Civic Theatre in Minnesota, coordinating with Downtown Main St. Inc to organize, paint, and curate La Crosse Wisconsin’s very first mural alley “500 Main street murals” and more. “The Ecclective Artist cooperative” is the next project on Ms. Hall’s roster. Soon to be open as a 14 person co-op, working artist studio, and gallery to be located at 1501 Saint Andrew St. inside of the La Crosse Rubber Mills building on the north side.

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