Considered a fauvist artist I use vivid colors, expressionistic technique, and impressionistic tendencies. For this body of work I’ve decided to stray away from my normal avenue, infusing these pieces with less impressionistic forms. Instead in these works I choose endless shape and contrasting color as my main focus. Painting abstraction pushes me to the boundaries of my imagination, teaching me to investigate the hues that attract me and their endless combinations.

Ashton is a self- taught Oil Pastel Artist residing in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In 2011 Ashton obtained her Associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Western Technical College but decided to use her skills she harnessed to pursue her passion; fine art. Currently Ashton is engulfed in creating inspiring oil pastel paintings at her own Pop-up studio, “A.E.H. Studio Gallery.” This space is open for commission pick-up only.

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