A revisit to the Mountain

It has been 2 years ago since creating a series of abstract paintings that came out of nowhere. I was to exhibit at Undercroft gallery. I let my mind take a vacation, let my hand be free to any color of pastel…exploring what my intuition wanted to say (see.) The series I coined; Mountain Pantone’s.This oil series took on an identity of its own. Rectangle shapes, long jagged lines, skinny horizons float in the distance. I felt like I was somewhere else, an interesting land Which was foreign to me.

Mountain Pantone series | Oil pastel on board | 12×12

With each stroke I felt like I was creating colorful mountains, caves, adventures unseen. I painted using the hand held jumbo Sennelier Oil Pastel on MDF board. The tones chosen held an earthy and spiritual vibe. A mixture of purples, blues, browns, Chartreuse, mac n’ cheese yellow, orange, black and white. I’ve only created 6-7 pieces from the abstract idea I held. I feel theres more left within me. I Untapped Oil painting techniques unexplored. More possibilities. This must be what it’s like to know about a buried treasure. I made sure to itch the nagging feeling today. I am so Ecstatic with the results!

-“I can taste color” (3 panel oil painting on board)

I wrote a poem below. And I know I am not a poet or the best writer…but I enjoy writing one to Occupy a finished piece.

Mountain Pantones

An idea sketched

I color in…

The hips of the hills

Bare bones

Mountain pantones

Call me in

Colors of the desert

No rest until

Crevasses unseen

Are now painted


Maybe Arizona flowers will be next… stay tuned!

Hatching from my Chrysalis…

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.”

– Alan Alda

Tomorrow at Grounded Cafe and Patio from 5-7pm I will be around with Micky for a short closing reception prior to the take down of our artwork. If you would like to purchase one of my orignal artworks or art decks I will have plenty to choose from. (See photos below) If you have yet to hear I am moving next month to Sunny Arizona. But I will be back to La Crosse of course to see friends, family, paint booked commissions, murals, a climate change art show in Fall etc. But if you would like to say bye and just have a glass of wine that would be swell. Facebook your response here. Enjoy wine specials all night and share a charcuterie board with friends all while supporting the work of local art at Grounded! This is a FREE and ALL AGES event.

This move is very welcome in my life. It will be tough for awhile but pressure makes a butterfly, a diamond, and a great lesson learned (not to mention GREAT ART!) Sometimes in life, I believe to prevent stagnation or improve myself I must overcome great challanges. A challange that makes me break out from an outdated world view. Nothin’ like leaving a tightly packed Chrysalis and transforming into a Monach Butterfly!

Butterflies can’t see their wings.

They can’t see how truly beautiful they are,

but everyone else can.

People are like that as well.


Warmth of Winter

River City Gallery located in downtown La Crosse Wisconsin is having a “Warmth of Winter” open house today! I will be live painting from 11am-1pm. Today I’ve chosen to use oil pastel on casein painted paper. Appreciate the art that warms our homes, handcrafted wood, pottery, rugs, lamps and more! Enjoy our “Winter Wonder” feature wall. Enjoy hot cocoa.

Winter Days- January 21-22  
Save 10% – 20% +more on select art
Meet artists and see demonstrations on Saturday, January 22 by:
Ashton Hall and Mary Lou Ferguson: 11-1 pm
Colleen Shore: 1-3 pm
Featured Artist Wall: Johnathan Lawson and Elise Boam
Hot cocoa refreshments.

“Winter Wonder” Featured Artists:
Phyllis Martino- Watercolor Painter
Linda Steine- Mixed Media Painter
Colleen Shore- Oil Painter
Lynne Burgess- Printmaker
Kathie Wheeler- Oil Painter
Paul Bergquist- Oil Painter
Penny Stroening- Watercolor Painter
Johnathan Lawson- Acrylic Artist
Jason Ray Stuempges- Photographer
Todd Bye- Photographer
Marcia Thompson- Printmaker
Amanda Mc Connell- Figurative Painter
Mike Martino- Sculptor and Painter

Live wedding Painting

On New Years 2021 I got the pleasure of being asked again to perform a live wedding painting. For the last few years I’ve been booking for live Painting. I captured their first dance and it was beautiful (so was the decor! ) Over head hung a raised balloon center piece with forest green, gold, and black accents.

If you are getting married or would like to gift my service to an engaged couple, reach out to me using the contact tab. Share questions, wedding date, and city and I will send canvas sizes, costs, & references upon request.

Friday Artwalk, The RiverCity Gallery & The Main

Are You looking for something to brighten your holiday season? Consider shopping local. These are two Sterling silver earring purchases I’ve made from River City Gallery so far. I love earrings! In La Crosse Wisconsin there are amazing artists creating jewelry, paintings, sculptures, making music, and much more.

Today December 3rd is La Crosse‘s annual ArtWalk with participating venues such as River City Gallery, Grounded café, Larsons General, & Turtle stack brewery. I will be at River city Gallery from 4 to 7 PM greeting guests at the open house. Tomorrow is also the one-year anniversary of River city gallery opening. They are having an open house from 4 to 7 as well.

The Main located downtown at 422 Main St La Crosse will be hanging artwork, hosting comedy, music, and live painting. AN ARTISTIC CELEBRATION OF THE LONG NIGHT’S MOON – A Mixed Media Art Event Featuring Bill Miller will be December 18. I will be live painting during the concert. Tickets are $25 with five dollars of each ticket sale going to the children’s miracle network. Here’s a link to the ticket page. December is a really exciting month so don’t miss it just because it’s getting cold. Embrace the warmth of art!

First Friday and more!

Greetings everyone! It has been a minute since I’ve shared my journey and new works of Art with all of you. Let me first say that Margo Teresa is a very happy healthy 3.5 month old. She smiles daily between cluster feeding & napping. Being a mother is really the biggest joy of my life. She soothes my soul and is my favorite creation and the rest is history. Onto the Art news:

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

-Jessica Lange

River City gallery is hosting Artist’s in house November 5th for First friday (which also happens to be my birthday) We all would love it if you would stop down and see local work or perhaps grab a mural map to check out local work around town. Also the holiday season is almost upon us. (it’s crazy but this year has flew by for me. ) I am prepping by hanging new paintings in various locations; including Larsons General pictured above and posting events happening in person and online. Please attend or share with friends & family, but most of all be safe and generous this holiday season.

My River City Gallery Artist Page

If you happen to find yourself walking down the mural alleyway at 5th & Main street I’ve added a few new murals. 4 new spaces to shoot in front of are brought to you by The wedding Tree! So if you are a photographer or anticipate buying attire for a special day check them out. It was really nice being a part of the mural alleyway again. It brought back many memories that are near and dear.

Events: The Moment, virtual Art dash, & Oracle readings

“The moment” is a permanent visual art exhibition funded by the Art council of La Crosse to mark the hardships of 2020. All chosen artwork is on view now on the 2nd story of The La Crosse Public Library ( 9th & Main st. La Crosse Wisconsin 54601 ) Go see my R&F oil stick piece, “we’re closed” if you get the chance. The lobby is now open to check out books, which is great news!

There were upsides and downsides of Covid-19 pressing down on all of us. Now that a vaccine is available some may lay their weary heads from worrying what the future has to bring. This summer I hope to see everyone keep what has worked for them personally during quarantine life (i.e. working from home, more nature walks, sobriety, prioritizing, wearing masks in airports, and over-all hygiene skills.)

Art dash 2021

Art dash will be taking place virtually March 25th, each ticket is $100 and proceeds benefit the Franciscan spirituality center and their programs for the sisters. I supplied two R & F oil works on board to this event, “ strawberry shortcake” and “cheesecake brownie” contribute to this event here.

Artists Block Oracle cards

I’ve created my own Oracle DECK!! Buy it here!

This has been +10 plus years in the making for each card is a painting stretching back years. I am setting up an online store currently. I have 5 more decks for purchase at $45.00 each. Message me for one under the contact tab! Each deck is shrink wrapped. No touch delievery available as well. I accept check, square, and venmo. About the deck:

Have you ever struggled with a creative block? Within these 56 jumbo painted oracle cards comes motivating phrases to help you through ups and downs (i.e. judging my work, confidence, money, finishing projects, lack of support, doubt etc) The Artists Block Oracle can be used for anyone but priority messaging is for artists of all sorts. Art has taught me how the universe and I have a special communication through intuition, faith, divine timing, symbolism, events, relaxation and play. These cards embody advice and knowledge I’ve used to steady my art career. To whom make a career intertwining their passions within the material world: Stay strong and believe your work is helping the good of all! -AshtonHall Artist

Endings are really beginnings in disguise

“There are treasures in pain…an oyster who was not injured will never produce a pearl, because the pearl is a healed wound.”

Pregnant with Margo girl In Sarasota, FL

I will miss this home away from home. Just got done taking everything down with my new partner and getting other projects done. Since November 2019 AEH Studio gallery was a pop-up studio that lasted longer then the strange year of 2020. Hosting two shows prior to the pandemic in November and February was pure luck, also one during October that went well. It really was all my dreams manifested ay once. Community company, art sold, new faces, art appreciation and much celebration. It was also a respite artist space, a muse for me to sprawl out in and think whilst laying in the sun. I will miss these huge windows. This space and I hopefully brought people together to witness the power of art, and for some to make new friends and inspirations. Maybe one day in the future this can be again but for now a new journey awaits and she is calling like the ocean.

Some back story, I am Currently 6 months pregnant. Ive chosen the name Margo not knowing it means pearl. Margo is due in June and June’s birth stone is the pearl. Also I am obsessed with pearls… I used to paint them in oil paint 6+ years ago and still do in acrylic. Cream is also my favorite color. Which is a common color for pearls to be. I admire how pearls are so timeless and classy. Pearls form from irritants or debris getting inside an oyster. Creating beautiful pearls comes from a self protection mechanism for the oyster. I think this finding will Spur tons of water & pearl art for me to dive into psychologically or metaphysically ——so maybe I will paint how turning towards love & desire over sadness & shame created Margo Pearl. Even though hardships gave me and my partner many reasons to be bitter, un-trusting, and closed in relationships. By licking wounds in this ocean of life we’ve created a pearl.

I am still working on a new website, for any inquiries on art for sale or commissions please message me here under the contact tab! Thanks for reading. Light & love,


Giving Tuesday

“Grounded Alleyway” in oil paint 2018 1’x2’

Show your support for the art community by bidding on Artwork during Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Consider bidding on my 1’x2’ thick oil piece “grounded alleyway” bidding starts the week of NOV 23 through Dec 1). All donations go to support Mid West Music Fest. Specific event information is here

Also don’t forget about these other great art support events :

The first annual Artists Sunday

takes place this Sunday, Nov 29th, after Thanksgiving. Support your favorite local artists and give personal and handcrafted gifts this holiday season. Click here for the artists directory, a network of full time artists selling their work during the holiday season.

The Garage Session: Christmas Show Saturday December 19, 2020

La Crosse Local and the The Weber Center for the Performing Arts have set the date for a creative streamed experience on the La Crosse Local Facebook Page and Youtube. You can donate to your favorite performances! The 60+ minute Christmas show will feature LIVE and pre-recorded short performances from area musicians, performers, and performing arts organizations. Watch it dec 19 here

Thanks to all of my current commissions, art collector’s, and art lovers! Special thank you to all who came to support my the last exhibition at AEH Studio Gallery as well🤍

Grand Opening of the Great River Art Market

Mary Lou Ferguson and Jensine wing setting up their stations

There is another avenue for the art’s in La Crosse!

This Art Market is open in time for the Holiday open house downtown La Crosse Friday-Sunday 10am to 7pm at 321 Main St. La Crosse (across the street from grounded cafe’)

Art Market Partnership: 

The Downtown Art Market is being developed by Robin Moses, of Creative La Crosse, along with Mike and Phyllis Martino, of the La Crosse Arts Initiative, and Tarl Kaio, of Grass Root Creatives.  We appreciate the support of the building owners, RLR Properties who are helping to make this opportunity possible at this amazing downtown location.  

Art Market Hours*:

The New Downtown Art Market will be open to the public on a consistent basis. These hours may vary and be extended due to community events in downtown.  Artists are not required to be present.

Wednesday-Friday             10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday                               10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Private Appointments can be scheduled for those who are interested in purchasing art privately.