Hatching from my Chrysalis…

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.”

– Alan Alda

Tomorrow at Grounded Cafe and Patio from 5-7pm I will be around with Micky for a short closing reception prior to the take down of our artwork. If you would like to purchase one of my orignal artworks or art decks I will have plenty to choose from. (See photos below) If you have yet to hear I am moving next month to Sunny Arizona. But I will be back to La Crosse of course to see friends, family, paint booked commissions, murals, a climate change art show in Fall etc. But if you would like to say bye and just have a glass of wine that would be swell. Facebook your response here. Enjoy wine specials all night and share a charcuterie board with friends all while supporting the work of local art at Grounded! This is a FREE and ALL AGES event.

This move is very welcome in my life. It will be tough for awhile but pressure makes a butterfly, a diamond, and a great lesson learned (not to mention GREAT ART!) Sometimes in life, I believe to prevent stagnation or improve myself I must overcome great challanges. A challange that makes me break out from an outdated world view. Nothin’ like leaving a tightly packed Chrysalis and transforming into a Monach Butterfly!

Butterflies can’t see their wings.

They can’t see how truly beautiful they are,

but everyone else can.

People are like that as well.