Physical touch

Or Lack there-of

I am reviewing the last love language of the my blog series with the same name. Not every relationship must be physical to leave you altered. Sexuality hasn’t anything to do with my review of physical touch. I am taking it about 10 steps deeper. Be patient I will explain everything.

IT IS possible to meet someone that changes you as a person! It happened to me this week, fulfilling me with pure ecstasy better than any physical notion left me with. “How do I get there you ask?” It must come from a place of wanting what is better for yourself and ALL others. It comes from the heart. This is an emotional place. A place where you do the work to blend both the inner and outer worlds. It takes embracing the seven heavenly virtues: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, & Humility. I realized the more I had embraced all seven heavenly traits over the last several months, the faster I sped. I was speeding into a place of this joy which in turn changed into a pure faith that cannot be shaken.

2 cups are pictured here. I have a great calling to paint vessels as of late. Two of cups representing emotional fulfillment, the number 2 representing balance and partnership in tarot

Real faith is like physically touching spirit and trusting that whatever crops up, whatever relationship that walks in is a direct reflection of a thought, aspect, fear, belief, the list goes on.

-Ashton Elizabeth Hall

Some call it the law of mirroring. I call it the Law of attraction. Well, I saw a mirror (a new spiritual aspect I hold manifested in someone) and the mirror (this person) saw herself in me. That rarely happens to me if ever. Meeting my awareness match has brought me more JOY than I ever thought it could. We were teachers to one another. I was loving the mirror image of our new found awareness. We had fun at the juncture where one can become new… realized…then interact with the aspect that mirrors before YOU. Spirituality is both our way of life and our interest as well.

That which I wrote above gives me a caveat to end this blog. Not every guru touts their cause to all who listen. Ask yourself what if the real true spiritual guru is sitting silent and alone. Just being themselves fully and loving it. Not only does that set an example that mirrors back those feelings of deep inner peace but a master truly doesn’t feel alone anyways. Guru’s are connected to their dreams, intuition, and the divine source of good. Lately I have been like a monk who’s hands are clasped just being, waiting, seeing, feeling, wanting, hearing my inner world spin. I have been observing that inner world, both feet in the present moment. Feeling the collective ideals and embracing them fully. In my experience my mere physical PRESENCE can be enough to act as a milestone to another in this life. A cause to action, to give, to create, or bring awareness. Some will love it, others will envy it. I have been becoming more ok with each.

I feel I have been called to be that role for people by embracing all the qualities that make me “me.” To dream, to wish, to give without expectation, to love freely. These qualities led to words that hug me. Hearing, “you did it” and “you’ve inspired me” so many times it really affirms my intuition that has been telling me to forge ahead no matter the cost. Tackle the costs as they come then lead by example despite hardships. All hardships have a pay off. This one just happened to be an emotional state beyond pure bliss. One I haven’t matched a word for. One that surpasses the physical bodies pleasure seeking self and it’s ability to sustain. That is okay though. All emotions come and they go. All things can come and go. Some like these emotions I decide to let stay longer.

Love and light always,

Ashton E. Hall